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moof's prattling


March 24th, 2002

swing low, sweet serotonin. @ 03:40 pm

Current Mood: blah blah
Current Music: Pizzicato Five, Statue of Liberty

I've been feeling like I've been on the verge of Yet Another Dysthymic Episode (this fall, on Fox!) for a number of days now; last night I went to sleep around 2:30am and awakened at 1pm - that pretty much clinches it, I think. I was mildly manic this 'morning' online, which was also kinda distressing.

It's kinda odd how depression manifests in my writing - I get a lot more structured when I'm in sort of a funk, and my concentration seems better when I'm able to manifest it. I do a lot of "blah blah; foo foo. Goo Goo; bar bar" connected statements. In my speech, though, I tend to get utterly goofball - non-sequiturs, word order gets transposed, all sorts of weirdo things. I'm probably too distracted to pay attention to what I'm saying and the words just fall over each other in whatever order as is their wont.

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moof's prattling