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I'm lying snug in my bed, kinda tired after being up for fourteen whole hours. I'm glad I didn't go to any of the parties happening tonight or I'd be dragging my feet something horrible. Looks like I get to sleep in tomorrow with nothing planned (despite what I said to Ron earlier, oops.) I shall attempt to finish the paperwork on two years worth of taxes tomorrow - fiscal 2001 and 2000. Ugh. California taxes suck ASS. Definitely the worst of the five states I've lived in.

Looks like this will be one of the 'This is what I did today with people you've never heard' of entries instead of one of the 'I did this, and here's my philosophical take on it' type. Ah well. (There was something all thought-out that I came up with earlier, but that has since evaporated.)

I suppose I can eke out a little philosophy, though: writing these sorts of entries has made me appreciate the hack-and-slash schools of editing: I tend to initially write things a bit verbosely with extra bits of detail that nobody cares about but are needed for strict accuracy. I now care more about getting the point across and saving the excruciating detail for later. This probably corresponds with the general shift I've had (primarily in a professional aspect) of not caring terribly much about the minutae and looking more at the Big Picture, sorta the engineer/architect dichotomy.


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