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I had sushi this evening with Phoebe, and afterward drank coffee and talked about various and sundry things - the LJ Laughitoff Conspiracy, the duck responsible for my schizophrenia, the bathroom (where you bathe) and the toilet (where you toil), and other various silly and sublime bits. I (rather stupidly) yet again got about five hours of sleep and so started talking a blue streak of nonsense after a while. One serious topic that did come up, though, was the notion of mind games.

I was unable to express terribly clearly what makes me so damn annoyed with them most of the time; it was mostly of a "I know it when I see it" sort of description. (I didn't even do my standard bitch about Boston and how I felt completely out of place there amongst the cliquishness and Drama and mind games.) After phoebe left, though, I realized that I have a simple criteria for separating the "good" from the "bad": the intent to bend or break the person involved.

Ugh, I know there was somewhere I was going with this entry, but I feel a lonely mopiness descending again (possibly from lack of sleep, possibly because it's been at least a week or two since I've been depressive) and my thoughts have turned to mush. I'm misspelling words and starting to use lots of semicolons, which is always a bad sign for me. Tomorrow I'll try to look outward instead of doing the standard navelgazing spiral inward and downward - but for right now, it's sleepytime.


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