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I got back from Gary and Phoebe's (for Hawt Buffy Akshun) about 90 minutes ago; much squawking of noisetubes was done and was quite enjoyable. I fear I'm really awful at noticing subtle "you ass, you've been here for five hours - why won't you leave?" sorts of cues. I have a weird social blind spot where if something involves me, I just can't pick up on things very well. Other people interacting, no problem, nuances are fine and dandy.

After getting home, I then joined the cool kids by installing the Folding@Home software - like SETI@home, but uses your 'pooter to calculate the structural geometry of proteins and other biochemical bits. Very cool, and quite actively useful. I was gonna continue to re-read Zelazny's Amber chronicles, but I think Mr. Morpheus has my number right now.


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