grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
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Things I did today:

  • Get called by work:
    • Them: Uh, things aren't working. What do I do?
    • Me: You fucked up the config file. I fixed it.
    • Uh, should I enable VMPS?
    • Hell if I know, you're the network guy.
    • *tap tap tap* Oh, yeah, it works now. Thanks.
  • Clean up a bit. I apparently have a floor in my bedroom; in unrelated news, I now have a worktable in the garage with enough space for my soldering/futzing/etc.
  • Find out that the PIC programmer I have may or may not work with the new chips they have. Ugh.
  • Sleep, sleep, and sleep some more; I think I may be over this damn sore throat that's been on and off for the past two weeks, but I'm still uncertain.
  • Find out that the Prism54 drivers out there suck much ass.

Exciting, no? (emphasis on 'no'.) Perhaps one of these days I'll write up the (possibly) TMI entries that I keep on meaning to post, but not today.
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