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more random crap

What has moof done with the weekend?

On Friday, went to Uncle Frank's BBQ in Mountain View - really damn tasty, really damn crowded. I highly recommend calling ahead for reservations and/or ordering, or just getting your food to go. Finished off the day by re-reading Nine Princes in Amber and looking at super exciting fun PIC datasheets.

Saturday: slept until... 7pm, I think. Read more data sheets, drew on graph paper, dropped half my hamburger on the ground, didn't go to tyrsalvia's party (alas). Took melatonin and got into books two and three of Amber.

Sunday: awakened by roommate and her pal chatting; the walls are thin, and my parents nicknamed me 'Mr. Big Ears' when I was little. Got back to sleep, then woke at 7:30AM. WTF? Tried going back to sleep, no luck. My stomach feels like ass and it's almost as if I have jet lag. I also feel like a chubby bunny, to boot; the scale says I'm perilously close to 220lb. Ugh, ugh, and triple ugh.

Hope y'all have had more excitement/fun than I have. Also hope that this stupid mild sore throat goes the hell away soon.

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