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Things I babble on about when I'm not fully awake:

Homeopathic parthenogenesis - where if you take menstrual blood, dilute it down a million times, and dilute _that_ a million times, you'll get a magical fluid that'll act just like sperm. Perfect for lesbian couples.

Can you hydrogenate semen? If you masturbate in a pure hydrogen atmosphere, will it come shooting out like Pez? It sure would be handy for artificial insemination; instead of a messy turkey baster, you'd have a simple vaginal suppository.

Last night I dreamt that I was able to float by inhaling extra-hard and only keeping the nitrogen in my lungs, and I was able to find the mystery third and four floor of my house that way - the one that had all the videotapes I haven't been able to find for years.

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