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I've been busy, busy, busy. Haven't read LJ for more than five minutes over the last week or two. What've I been up to?
  • Had to leave the Motorcycle Safety Foundation class because my clutch hand was starting to buzz and go numb. Yay tendinitis!
  • Was notified by the IRS that they don't have my returns for 2k1 and 2k3, and please send them in.
  • Was too damn impatient in the Y! parking lot, and scraped a Lexus SUV with my right-side mirror the tiniest bit - about 6" long, and little cracks in the brake light plastic. The cost estimate? $800.
  • Having my sleep schedule be massively fucked.
  • Noticing my video card is (literally) fried - unless I put the thing in the freezer, I get random dots speckled across my display.
  • Feeling extra-chubby.
  • Bleah.
In other words, buckets and buckets of stress.

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