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The Secret Lives of moof, part I

Things I do when nobody else is around:
  • Sing along with music, often in a goofy and/or operatic voice.
  • Draw.
  • Run around naked.
  • Make odd squealing noises.
  • Look in the mirror and practice smiling and other expressions.
  • Cry. Or masturbate. (Not at the same time.)
  • Try and figure out what I smell like. (I love smelling people.)
  • Geek away the hours.
  • Write in my paper journal.
  • Design big, fanciful projects I'll never get close to building.
  • Recover from being around people.
  • Snooze.

(I'd originally thought about using the word 'alone' or 'by myself', but those don't have the right sense to them. Too negative, too.)
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