grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

that babelfish lyrics thing.

Take some favorite songs, babelfish english -> french -> german -> english, make your friends try to identify what the original song is.

Song 1: It is not simple, but attempt, in order to describe this: of you you remind that we were in the past together? Isn't it is strange not it? I am deeply betruebt, which it came too this, but why us is here, by ensuring? What was spoken it us? just to me why remind so much I lose so much the time, which pretends that there is somewhat more than only this only this unjustified accusation, me calls still, why are us here? _ I to be by the thing to insult to say to you ' natures like a foreseeable kind does not cause to be wrong in order to cover maintenance and insult ', until you maintain those in the face to be blue you gerad be, I, you lucky to make? I go completely account of all bad things, of which I may not remind you me, why you do not abhor me there are a solution of the disorder that we inside are, he are so sadly, and so being boringly I wish myself you leave just only, but I understand that the plays play you me have dishonor of all things I made at you

Song 2: Of a hill as a day pin in the above line upward above dissolves A highly in the violet noiseless silvered airplane of the sky with my moments tricks - it draws a gold chain, everything holds it the first role appears, while in spirals in the left revolution develop the strong hoist of the planet, like the sky of night with Arles in million insect the attack gives, which do not form constellations on a hill, under a console sky have I an idea exactly which I a certain kind of change drew, a certain kind of revolution far with each simple line igne strikes ci-dessus dans l ' avion argenté silencieux violet you ciel A - IL dessine une chaîne D ' or Un, tout le tient le Prime Minister rôle apparaît counterpart que of les grands vent de la planète SE développent EN of spirales dans la rotation portion, comme le ciel de nuit chez Arles dans million D ' insecte donne l ' assaut à, les constellations forms Sur une colline, sous un ciel de corbeau for each n ' ai aucune idée exactement ce qui j ' ai dessiné un certain category de changement, un certain category de rotation loin avec chaque ligne simple SE more déplacer autre dehors à temps Et maintenant car la lune pâle covers (in the first role holds), its form in my lines blue clearly (in the first role holds), and there, because the world me rolls in circle (in the first role holds) draws, there but the lines shift in circle (in the first role holds), while the large wheels flame (in the first role) I holds draw, now but my pattern withers itself (in the first role holds) and, like the old stencils of the sun (in the first role holds) that I draw, and the sighs of four hoists (in the first role holds)

Song 3: The magic years of the sun and the acclamation are in this crate under the key and close these reports on stempelkarten are fragments of glass on the discovery the airplane lights, and the legacies long lost the letters A of the love and the glasses broken by Vendetten see small in the course of the years my history in my memories, and the sipping things read as Braille - that word God is in the detail, if the ornaments are Monumente at me. I remember always the smell of the grass, which must last classes in July, the heat ignited, the days was long, and I knew that I was only satisfied I understand the legacies of a man of the worlds far, its love me sent maintain here in my ornaments

Song 4: All this destruction can I not all my demands strange maintenance to meet art car portrait control run off just whole illusion only in my head, it exist not, that is it deceiving necessarily not shrinking, but exorciste of of of........ show film, from which from you is, and where it destruction, which became imprisoned on the concatenations becomes you supported, turned, where confusion conception is as, which life does not take place itself shows the film concerned with black, and the speaking the decree of the space bar specifies of the speaking decree, from which has, around to blames, if everything which counts, is, to be changed as by of of of....... all this destruction all this destruction those the brown owl eyes on the wings of a butterfly placed all this destruction all this destruction, the leopards of marks gave and the birds continuously of the continuous destruction of the destruction, which can be sung, taught I lives in a strangest dream, where anything the kind is not it seems, where person, whom they need, in order to be, where nothing true that one seems at me, what can we set up ours from altar no full earth turns the world without end we to hang itself on our own Faith

Song 5: I think that today he just became born over me lost hopes that I have always me to be wanted tried, before, like not it by view in the mirror left and to ask oneself, why. If I could find another Reim A mean, over my kind to justify another place, is another hour not only it this that I am not want, over it to make what I want to make, and these days my luck the current soil is that I pull myself a chair upward and except my window look at firmly I ask, whether from way or from other one I will just find a luck in kind, while more daily goes around I think that today she became born over me just that I lost hopes that I have always me ask to be wanted me whether of way or just during more daily.

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