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a gamerdork note

From White Wolf's 'new' vampire game, Vampire: The Requiem:
The more human a vampire feels, the more human he can act. Every second, mortals send and receive tiny cues that they pay attention to each other, that they care and respond - that they're alive. They look at each other's faces, mimic each other's flickers of expression, shift their weight when another person does so, nod slightly as another person talks. The Man does all that, the Beast doesn't. A Kindred with low Humanity can put great effort into acting like a living person. He can force himself to breathe and remind himself to blink now and then - but he can't fake that subtle, unconscious dance of nonverbal interaction. Mortals soon pick up on this. They cannot consciously spot the problem, but their instincts tell them that something is very wrong and they should get away. They sense the predator behind the human mask.
Well, fuck, that's my problem. I don't have Asperger's - I'm a low-humanity vampire.

In other news: Just finished Iain M. Banks' The Wasp Factory. My review: eh. I found the twist at the end to stretch my credulity beyond the breaking point.

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