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my favorite things.

My cold is finally going the hell away, and I got to see Time Bandits for the first time in about... ten years? Yow. These things make me quite less cranky than usual.

I spent a good twenty minutes scouring the apartment for my copy of Doorways in the Sand - I had a strong urge to read it again, and it had been at least six months since I had read it last (and more likely a year or two.)

I find that I typically need at least a year in between re-readings for books, and preferably about two years for movies. Music is much different - I can usually stand to hear the same song once a day for a couple of months before I can't stand it any more. Paintings and pictures I mostly just ignore after a while.

There's something about my favorites, though, that short-circuit the need to 'recharge', for me to really enjoy experiencing them again. I'm not sure quite what it is - I don't know if the works are sufficiently rich that I see new things every time, or complex enough that I forget quickly the details. Deconstruction of the whole, or reconstruction of the parts, or both? I don't know; I can only aspire to create something similarly intriguing myself, someday....


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