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moof's prattling


November 11th, 2004

Kill Whitey! @ 01:11 am

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Date:November 11th, 2004 06:54 pm (UTC)
i'll be your token hispanic and say no... maybe.

i'm just shocked he can't seem to differentiate between indifferent or honoring feelings towards a culture ("acting black") than disrespectful behavior (walking around in black face). it seems like he's holding a lot of white guilt and i thought i was still very pc. not after this. no way.

sometimes, i really feel that those who are quick to call racism on something are merely in the midset of a racist and assume everyone else is. kinda makes you wonder why they continuously see things in that manner. could they themselves be supporting and continuing those stereotypes they claim to be trying to breakdown?

all i know is that can spend 50 cents in a candy machine and get a "homies series 6" figure. that seems like a far more institutionalized rascist statement than overdone makeup on a guy in dress any day.

moof's prattling