grand moof tarkin (moof) wrote,
grand moof tarkin

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Get out and vo... oh, whoops. Not like many of the people reading this ain't politically active and would have needed the reminder.

I wish my dumb body would decide that "no, waking up at 4am is not a good idea, nor is wanting to sleep until 1pm". Grr, between the cloudy weather and the timezone shift, my sleep schedule, she is horked. And I still have to write up the squid dream.

And because most people I know desperately need some levity, a poor paraphrase of what Ceren said to me on Sunday: "Whoa! You're poly? I would have never guessed! Most poly people I know run around waving banners and scream 'Hey! I'm poly!'"

Well, I thought it was funny, anyhow.
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