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I've still not finished moving, and I need to be out by tomorrow. Looks like I'll have a long day tomorrow. (I bailed from work way early because I was getting ultra-snotful and threatening to slide into the cold I've been dodging for the past two weeks. Came home and slept for three or four hours. It's looking likely I'll call in 'moving' and sleep in to be rested and sane for the big drag.)

Ginger Snaps III (aka Ginger Snaps Back) is finally out. Wanna see. (Emily Perkins looks really, really damn cute.) Shaun of the Dead will also be coming to the Camera Cinema down in San Hoser in a week or so.

I bought a DVD burner, so I can now join the early 00s and have random-access backups. Yay.

This article explains quite well why so many high-IQ kids ain't so hot at being 'socially adjusted'.
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