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Your LJ Friend RPG Party by Jennifurret
Obligatory Love Interestspinalplug
Macho Guy who is really a softyprinceofwands
Mysterious Girl with Hidden Pastuglyshyla
Annoying Little Kidjet
The Perfect One that Diesrenegade_lib
Badguy gone Goodjholloway
The Androgynous Looking Onepeganthyrus
Pointless Fanservice Hot Onedarkstormangel
Furry Useless Mascotthoanthbel
And the real villian is...fairyarmadillo
Quiz created with MemeGen!

This one is actually amusing and/or accurate. Still haven't written the entry where I out myself about having taken estrogen for over a year, but I'm getting to it. (Mmm, anti-paraleipsis.)


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