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today stuffses

Fell asleep last night around 10pm, I think. Didn't mean to, as the lights were all on. Had strange dreams about aceofkittens trying to tell me about MUSH stuff when I was mostly asleep, and Atari 2600 games that I'd never seen before. There was another dream or two in there, but it's long since forgotten.

Woke up at 11:15 or so, when my alarm clock finally kicked in. Oops. Logged in, read mail, proceeded to not get a damn thing done for work. Oops. Sounds like I'm going in tomorrow to make up for lost time. Ate lunch, came back, searched around in vain for the long-sleeved black linen shirt I thought I had... but apparently do not. Grr. Remembered camera, found my nice pants still fit (although I'm gettin' a lot of chub in the belly again), and short-sleeved linen shirt. Got dressed.

Drove down to Santa Cruz, found that directions weren't complete and that the streets down there are even worse than the ones up here for stopping and starting again at random. Bleah. Called Kate, eventually found way to the hotel. Lounged around until it was time to cross the street; put on my black coat and my sunglasses, used the Big Voice, declared Kate and Dan husband and wife.

Went back to the hotel, signed the marriage license as the solemnizer, went to dinner with the wedding party, ate and gabbed for the better part of four hours. Hugged and smooched Dan and Kate nini, drove back home, geeked and caught up on LJ from the past two days (skip=340, I believe.) Feeling pretty good, hope the depression stays the hell away. And now, bedtime.

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