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Yahoo: week 1

I'm still trying to absorb a buttload of information about how Yahoo! actually works; that's proving to be a bigger challenge than the chair which hurts my back, the lack of coherent information in one place (or even just a few places), or the wretched Remedy ticketing system.

As threatened, I wore the red leopard-print dress I'd been threatening to for all week; amazing how much contacts, blue eyeliner, lipstick, and a dress will make you look different. Pictures from the newly-returned moofcam are here; my favorite three are #12, #8, and #2. #12 makes me look all glam, dunno how that happened. I think I look disturbingly like my paternal grandma in some of those pictures, too.

I also had lunch with the lovely and talented karenbynight; afterwards, we went and looked at the neat metal sculptures of doors she came across at the Marvell building, on the corner of 1st (or maybe 3rd) and Mathilda in Sunnyvale. The doors were all made of some kind of cast metal, but were painted to look like wood (or other materials). Very very nifty.

Oh, one last thing: Harry Potter in Ancient Greek!

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