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Shrek 2: purveyor of eeeeeevil!

What can you expect from a website with a name like "The Traditional Values Coalition"? Stuff like this:
Parents who are thinking about taking their children to see "Shrek 2," may wish to consider the following: The movie features a male-to-female transgender (in transition) as an evil bartender. The character has five o'clock shadow, wears a dress and has female breasts. It is clear that he is a she-male. His voice is that of talk show host Larry King.
(Extra bonus points for using 'deconstruct' in some arbitrary and new fashion.)

Of course, that website also has lovely articles like "Cross-dressers, Transvestites, And Transsexuals Become Militants In The Homosexual Revolution"; it calls to mind this Something Positive cartoon. For's evaluation of the TVC, click here.

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