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moof's prattling


February 18th, 2002

Cleanin' up. @ 02:10 am

Current Mood: snotful
Current Music: REM, Out of Time, Texarkana

It seems that a bunch of people are very much into cleaning up and starting anew this year. I cleaned up some, putting clothes into garbage bags to give to the Salvation Army or whomever. I'm up to three of 'em so far, and I still ain't done. While I was at it, I also started rearranging the Far Too Many books in the apartment - I really ought to get rid of a bunch of those, too.

For my exciting break from cleaning, I ate lunch and attempted to go go to San Mateo to grab tickets for an event this weekend at the Noodle Factory. No dice - the place was closed on Sunday, boo. I also bopped on by the thrift store (nothing terribly interesting except yet another cheap computer I don't really need) and Kepler's Books (lots of mildly-interesting titles, nothing that really grabbed me.)

And then back home to more noseblowing and cold-recovering and sporadic attempts at cleaning whilst watching the Olympics. Found a box of Illuminati cards that I hadn't touched for about two-three years; aneel said he'd make a happy home for 'em. I should also get rid of the big box o' boardgames I've got that are similarly untouched.

For the hell of it, after finding my copy of the I Ching, I cast a hexagram and got 54, Making a Young Girl Marry. It seems that the interpretation boils down to "Don't be hasty." Seems like good sense - undue haste seems to throw things into disarray more often than not - and I have nothing but time right now....

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moof's prattling