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Fanime, redux

I'm home. Yay. Fanime was pretty good; pretty much all the ConOps staff were pretty nifty, Der Cosplay was fun, and I got to see a bunch of the con when I wasn't working. Quite a few very nifty costumes to be seen, too; I'll put up the pictures in a day or twelve. Didn't actually watch more than about half an hour of anime - no time, not a whole lot of titles that screamed "watch me!". Battle Royale II was pretty eh; I wouldn't recommend it unless one were quite bored and had 2.5 hours to kill.

And the more personal goo: Wore the Standard (backless) Dress out with the contacts; got some nice comments on the tattoo and my eyes. I melted down Sunday evening and part of Monday, that wasn't so fun. I have no idea (as usual) how I came off to people; I suspect it's the usual combination of competent, sincere, shy, aloof, a little creepy, maybe disdainful. Sigh. A fair amount of boys hit on me; I suspect I'd have been a hit in the yaoi room, were I actually into menfolk.

I think very soon I shall be crawling into bed and dozing the doze of the very very tired.

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