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Kinky Salon Ball

kaligrrrl and I went to the Kinky Salon May Ball; it was fun, but the previous one was better. People were pretty immaculately attired for the most part, and quite friendly - but there were too damn many people for the space, with precious few places to sit down and chatter away with folks. Adrian's mash-up set was pretty damn nifty, and it was quite nice to see people I don't get to visit often. (Ken, Heather, Heather, Almus, Dana, Nicole, Mike). I don't think their shilling for SuperStar Avatar went quite so well; the "you must do it!" exhortation at the door wasn't too fabulous. I'm quite probably gonna go to the next one, but will almost certainly wear more comfortable shoes; my boots sure weren't made for walkin. Ow.

Pictures of me 'n' Kate should be up on the usual suspects' KS websites soon, but in the meantime, here's one that doesn't make me wince when I look at it.


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